Over the weekend, my friends and I went to a new and popular place in Portchester NY.  Bartaco has taken tacos to a whole other level.  This place has the greatest Mexican food of all time, along with a new and exciting atmosphere.  As soon as you walk into Bartaco, it is different than a normal place.  Your seating options are outside, at the bar or at short tables that are indoors and ourdoors.  There are few regular tables, so if you are someone who has a hard time adjusting or you are a messy eater I would ask for a regular table.

Portchester Entrance
Portchester Entrance

When you are seated, you will be asked if you have been there before and if you know how to order.  They take your order very different than any other restaurant.  For example, you are given a card with all of the menu items on it, and with a pencil you write how many of each item you would like.  Once you place your order, you put up your card with a dragonfly on it.  This allows your server to know that you are ready to place your order.  Your server will then come over and go over your order to make sure everything is correct.  After this, it will be a short wait until you are served your food in a family style manor.  Meaning that if you order 10 different tacos, they will all come on one try and everyone at your table will be able to pick at what they would like.  If you think that you need more, you have the option to then order as much as you would like.

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Overall it was such a great experience!  They knew it was my friends birthday and the servers sand to her without us even having to ask!  My favorite taco was the baha fish because it wasn’t too fishy for being a fish taco.  The dessert over all was to die for.  We ordered keylime pie, churros, and gelato!  We also had a variety of all the Mexican food there! Another favorite was the corn that has cheese and spicy sauce on top!  The food was just as great as the service, there isn’t a bad thing about this place!  Along with the amazing prices!  I went with a group of 5 girls and a bill of 120$!  That is a great price for a full course meal, dessert, good service, and a great time with good friends!

Also in Westchester, you should all lookout for the Beer and Burger Blast!! Make sure to buy your tickets today and save your spot to try and find the best beer and burgers in Westchester County!


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